REDMOON made it from a piece of leather... レッドムーン1枚革で製作した財布












When this wallet was completed, I was overwhelmed. 

 A good thing like an origami Because a wallet made by folding suddenly appeared in front of you! It has been told to our customers abroad that it is like origami in Japan, but I think it is true that it is true. 

 Although I came out in a series of types, I said that it is full or small size was released, but this sense of size is a really wonderful finish, the finest smart wallet is finished . 

 The color is three colors of saddle leather natural, black, brown, but if you use it for the first time, I would like you to use natural.

 The secular change of the red-moon educational saddle leather which used the original leather, like what noble noble lady, is fashionable, moist and has an atmosphere like champagne. 

 Black and Brown dyed saddle leather, which is commonly known as "core threading" and is using leather reading. 

 Including places where glossy feeling can not be said even with this aging change, you can fully enjoy the charm of REDMOON leather of the original recipe that you can feel like it is really good leather. 

 Regarding products, please contact us for any questions if you have any questions. Currently RMTP has three colors available, you can also see the natural I use. 

 It is the first lot.

REDMOON Trading Post

REDMOONのコンセプトは" 進化するベーシック "そのコンセプトは様々なライフスタイルに合うレザーコレクションを提案する事です。 NEOLATINE Co.Ltd.が運営する、直営店舗の名称がREDMOON Trading Postといい通称RMTPと呼ばれています。Made by craftsmen, leather wallet leather bag,Brand is REDMOON


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