New Wallet Day3




Indigo is attached to saddle leather as soon as possible. 

 I put it in the back pocket of the jeans, it will be such a feeling again, but since synthetic indigo is mainstream, this adhesion can not be taken until basically leather is cut. 

Lol However, I love myself whether this feeling is still charming or real pleasure.

REDMOON Trading Post

REDMOONのコンセプトは" 進化するベーシック "そのコンセプトは様々なライフスタイルに合うレザーコレクションを提案する事です。 NEOLATINE Co.Ltd.が運営する、直営店舗の名称がREDMOON Trading Postといい通称RMTPと呼ばれています。Made by craftsmen, leather wallet leather bag,Brand is REDMOON


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